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  • What size are the towels and what are they made of?
    The towels are 20x30" 100% cotton, non fade, non shrink, hand silkscreened with water color quality intensity.
  • Can I frame the towels myself?
    You may frame them yourself with a 20x30 standard frame from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Just make sure you iron the towel thoroughly. Also, Michaels and Hobby Lobby will frame for you.
  • How often is there a new image for Marco Island and Naples?
    Every year we do a new image for these cities.
  • What design options are available for the aprons and pillows?
    All towels can be made into aprons or pillows. Sharon is the sewer, lead time is about 1 week or less.
  • How long does it take for you to make a bag?
    It takes approximately 2 hours to complete a bag from start to finish. This does not include sewing machine issues... or any unforeseen problems that occur. I will not send a bag to a customer unless it is absolutely sewn to perfection.
  • What type of leather are the straps and wristlet?
    Pure Vachetta leather. I purchase the leather straps, I do not make them. I purchase the straps in Europe. It is the exact type of leather that LV uses in their factory.
  • When do you make the bags?
    I only make bags from May 1 through October 20. I do make extra bags during the summer, so chances are I may have some left over in the off months. But that is a chance. They go fast. I usually take a fair supply to Florida for availability, but as I said they go fast. All Christmas orders should be purchased in the summer. I switch to my tea towels sales from Nov. 1 through May 1.
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