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Hello!  Thank you for finding me!

May I make you a Repurposed Louis Vuitton bag

I make affordable quality designer bags.  I Love sewing! I guess you're never to old to reinvent yourself!  Each bag is made by me with all consideration going to quality, style, and functionality!

    I have made and shipped hundreds of bags across the country!  I love when someone emails me or calls to tell me how they enjoy my products. Please check out my reviews on the first page.


My sewing:

Only great quality !  Whether it be an LV bag, tea towel, pillow, apron or framed tea towel~  Top notch quality only!!

On the machine sewing repurposed Louis Vuitton
cross body check repurposed Louis Vuitton
Vintage brown mono repurposed Louis Vuitton
repurposed Louis Vuitton

Brown Mono LV 6x9 flat with wristlet.

Vintage Mono LV

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