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Hi Friends!  I am not sewing bags now until May 1, 2024.  I have new fabrics, canvas and leathers coming in the spring.  I will be making bigger bags then also. Please check out my jackets! I have had many requests and orders for my jean jackets!  I will be making childrens and adults again.  This year I will be offering white and denim with 4 LV fabrics to choose from.   I sure appreciate all of the reorders!  That's always a good sign! Please feel free to place orders but know that the bags and jackets won't be shipped until Mid May.
In the meantime, my french custom tea towels are readily available.
Many thanks!  ~ Sharon


New!  Cutest jean jackets!  Children and adults
                                      Available in Denim blue and white jackets

Tea towels are now available all year.  Sewing bags now!
   S McLaughlin Unique Gifts started in 2015 with Lilyo's beautiful French tea towels from artist Thomas and his wife Susan Vieth. (see artist info below) The gorgeous towels inspired me to start sewing again! So... now I am a bag maker as well.  I purchase my repurposed Louis Vuitton materials from Europe. I then create many sizes of the most beautiful, high quality, lined bags, using LV repurposed material and pure Vachetta leather strapping.  The result is stunning. Many people ask how I do both, my towels and the bags?  I split my time between Marco Island, FL (winter) and Moline, IL, (summer) when in FLorida, I sell my custom towels and create aprons and pillows from them.  When in IL, I sew my bags. 
I am a retired corporate gal that has chosen not to be retired!  I love to be busy and create and best of all I love the compliments on my very
unique products!!  You can purchase here, or find me in select stores in Naples and Marco Island.  Please scroll thru my site to see my custom towels, aprons and pillows and my bags.


Tea towel 

brown LV w chain.jpg
LV Flat brown Mono 6x9"

Ideas... the look...


LV Flat White and creme check I Pad Bag

IMG_0358 (1).jpg
Sharon McLaughlin

Add a little LV teddy bear bling to any of the bags!!   

My incredible tea towel artist!

About Artist

Thomas Vieth born in Davenport, Iowa, 1957 now resides in France.  He and his very creative wife Susan, live in Bourdeiles where they enjoy the country french life!  Tom graduated from Dartmouth College in 1980 and  Boston University in 1987.  Tom’s paintings are in collections through out the US, France and England.                               Over a professional career that spans three decades, Tom’s art has been represented by many galleries and agents across the US.  For the past twenty years, his primary means of exhibiting and selling his work has been through private shows.  His  beautiful work can be found on 

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